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Preschool tumbling includes skills that are age and level appropriate for preschoolers, such as rolls, handstands, and cartwheels.  Activities also include jumping on the tumble track, having fun on our preschool obstacle course, balancing and coordination for boys and girls ages 3 to 5.

Our Tumbling Level Systems emphasizes training proper technique and progressions to increase the students’ success in learning skills, and to minimize the risk of injury. Instructors are trained to watch for performance technique and consistency when passing skills and levels. This is the most important part of passing a level. Correct Repetition, frequency, and consistency of good technique equals success.

Private lessons are available for JAM Athletics All-stars team members and non-members. Some athletes need more time and instruction to improve their skills. Therefore, private lessons are available outside of practice time to continue working on tumbling skills in a safe environment, while receiving one-on-one instruction.
 Private lessons are helpful in improving overall strength, body control, and the tumbling technique needed for these skills. 

JAM offers Tumble and Stunt clinics for our athletes and School Teams through out the year.  We also host day camps during the summer months of June and July.  

novice program

Prep program

ALL Star program

Our Novice Program focuses on welcoming new athletes to All Star Cheerleading and making sure they have fun while focusing on skill building and growth in a low-pressure, evaluation only environment.  These athletes will get the experience of an “All Star Competition” without actually being judged.  Their routines will be evaluated by the judges and will receive an outstanding, Superior, or Excellent Award. 

The All-Star Prep Program is perfect for those athletes who are ready to be introduced to the competitive nature of All Star Cheerleading.  The focus is on excellence in skill building, team work, and preparing athletes for JAM’s Elite competitive program by competing at local competitions and earning a bid to compete at a National End-of- Season competition. 

Our Elite Competition Program is the highest performance level that All Star Cheer has to offer!  However, prior competition experience is not required and everyone makes a team.  What makes JAM’s Elite teams different?  The Elite Program is held to a higher standard of excellence and more is expected of the All-Star Elite Athlete.  Athletes will get the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the industry during in summer training, and will be taught the value of leadership, passion, hard work, and dedication.