Class Descriptions


Tumble 1 


 Forward Roll
Backward Roll
Handstand (floor) & against the wall (stomach facing wall) 10 sec
Standing Bridge to 5 sec hold with kick over to lunge
Handstand to bridge with stand up
Handstand to 1 leg bridge (mats) with 1 leg kick over
Standing bridge (with 1 leg to mat)
Cartwheel (straight line)
Round off
Power Hurdle & 2 step hurdle into Round off
Back handspring drill (over rolly/shoulder height)
Front walkover & Back walkover


Tumble 2


Front walkover

Back walkover
Round off back handspring
Back handspring
 Back handspring step out 
One arm cartwheel
Aerial prep (dive cartwheel)
Front handspring (mats)
Round off 2 back handsprings 
 Standing 2 back handsprings 
Standing 3 back handsprings 
Back tuck (over rolly – shoulder height)
 Front handspring step out round off back handspring



Tumble 3


Round off back tuck
 Round off back handspring back tuck
 Standing back handspring Series 3x
Front tuck
Level 3 & Back Tucks only (con t.)
 Aerial (off bi-fold)
Front handspring punch
Standing tuck (mat)
Standing back handspring step out round off back handspring back tuck
 Front handspring step out Round off back handspring back tuck
 Round off 3 back handsprings to back tuck


Tumble 4 


 Lay out
 Lay out step out
 Arabian front
 Back handspring back tuck
Front handspring front tuck
 Standing tuck
 Front flip step out round off back handspring to layout
Whip back handspring through to layout
 Whip Layout (tumble trak)


Tumble 5/6 


Lay out with full twist
 Back tuck punch-back tuck or whip whip combo
Front handspring layout
Front tuck punch front tuck
Whip combo through to full
Back tuck punch front tuck
 Skip aerial or standing aerial
Standing Back handspring full twisting layout
 Standing full (mat)
 One and a half twisting layout
 Double full twisting layout


Our Level System emphasizes training proper technique and progressions to increase the students’ success in learning skills, and to minimize the risk of injury. Instructors are trained to watch for performance technique and consistency when passing skills and levels. This is the most important part of passing a level. Correct Repetition, frequency, and consistency of good technique equals success.